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Average apartments price in Russia
4 234 $/m² -1.96%
Saint Petersburg
2 157 $/m² -0.09%
Exchange rates of Russia Central Bank

Analysis of real estate market in Leningrad Oblast, Russia:

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 Saint Petersburg,  Leningrad Oblast
Most popular:   Gatchina, Kingisepp, Kudrovo, Murino, Novoye Devyatkino, Sertolovo, Tosno, Volkhov, Vsevolozhsk, Vyborg
 Average apartment cost, Lodeynoye Pole - 06.01.2020:
RUB: 29 959 Rub/m² *USD: 484 $/m²**EUR: 432 /m²
USD: 45 $/ft²GBP: 34 £/ft²**CHF: 469 Fr/m²
CNY: 3 371 /m²JPY: 52 584 ¥/m²
Apartment price dynamics in Lodeynoye Pole
Graph of apartment price changes in Lodeynoye Pole
Change of cost per square foot in Lodeynoye Pole per week (USD):+0.89%
Change of average apartment cost in rubles per week, Lodeynoye Pole:+0.69%
* calculated weighted mean of apartment cost per 1 square foot/meter in Lodeynoye Pole secondary housing market. Among prices in range from 15 to 200 thousand Rub/m² for Lodeynoye Pole. Among apartments with area in range: from 20 to 350 m², from 215 to 3767 ft².
** exchange rates used: US $1 = 61.91 RUB; €1 = 69.38 RUB; £1 = 81.31 RUB; 1 CHF = 63.90 RUB; 1 CNY = 8.89 RUB; 1 JPY = 0.57 RUB; 1 foot = 0.3048 meter; 1 meter ≈ 3.2808399 feet. Prices are rounded to whole numbers.
Volume of secondary housing market in Lodeynoye Pole*
total sellingtotal costtotal area
51 apartments$1.34 million2.73 thousand m²
29.4 thousand ft²
* counted number of apartments in Lodeynoye Pole based on total volume of data using multiparametric deep processing and filter of price/area for current city. Count does not include sale of shares, rooms and "studio" apartment.
Lodeynoye Pole average apartment cost per square foot/meter *
number of bedroomsaverage cost
1 bedroom apartments28 120 Rub/m²454 $/m²42 $/ft²
2 bedroom apartments26 906 Rub/m²435 $/m²40 $/ft²
3 bedroom apartments31 873 Rub/m²515 $/m²48 $/ft²
multi-bedroom apartments37 025 Rub/m²598 $/m²56 $/ft²
* calculated weighted averages values of apartment prices per 1 square foot (sq. meter) for different numbers of rooms in Lodeynoye Pole secondary housing market. 1 foot = 0.3048 meter; 1 meter ≈ 3.2808399 feet.
Lodeynoye Pole flats/apartments cost on 06.01.2020*
bedroomaverage area average apartment cost
1 bedroom flat33.1 m²356.3 ft²922 556 Rub.$ 14 903
2 bedroom flat51.0 m²548.9 ft²1 364 254 Rub.$ 22 038
3 bedroom flat61.0 m²656.6 ft²1 937 619 Rub.$ 31 300
4+ bedroom flat72.2 m²776.6 ft²2 616 142 Rub.$ 42 260
* table shows weighted average value of area and apartment cost for different numbers of rooms in Lodeynoye Pole.

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