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Average apartments price in Russia
4 234 $/m² -1.96%
Saint Petersburg
2 157 $/m² -0.09%
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Privacy policy

Last updated: 25 April 2016

      We present you the privacy policy of website RLT24 (as well as cookie policy) in order to you know what information we collect, why we need it and how we use it. For a clearer understanding of the following you can read a list of special terms used. This policy applies to our website http://www.rlt24.com and also on its synonyms: www.rlt24.ru and www.РЛТ24.com (which point to same website and used to simplify search). And although we do not collect personal information, such as name and surname, however, we recommend that you carefully read our privacy policy and in case of any questions contact us (use e-mails at the end of this page) and also visit this page to verify the changes.

What data we collect

      When you visit website RLT24 we get from your software and hardware (e.g., personal computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone etc. and also the associated software for them) various technical information that is indispensable and helps to improve and support our information resource.

      This information is taken from the following sources:

  • Data from the logs
  •       When you, for example, browsing the pages of website RLT24 certain actions are automatically stored in our server logs. Records the following information:

    • detailed information about pages of website RLT24 you have visited, URL-address from which was transition (referring address) and access time;
    • IP address from which it was accessed;
    • data from your Internet browser (or similar software): language settings, version and browser type, information about the operating system.

  • Cookies and similar technologies
  •       For determine website attendance and statistic collection we also use independent rating systems: www.liveinternet.ru и top.mail.ru. These services can add to your device a cookie (it's identify browser) that helps collect information about what websites you visited. We use web beacons in the code of our website in order to effectively analyze its usage. For more information about the use of cookies read our policy regarding cookies.

  • «Javascript» and similar technologies
  •       Most Internet browsers support the technology auto startup scripts (so-called «Javascript»), programs used for interactive functioning of the website, expand possibilities of its design and user convenience. Many modern websites without using of this technology in the browser not functioning properly or may not actually work. Similar technologies are also used to collect information about screen resolution, its color characteristics and about user behavior on the website. In some browsers you can disable Javascript, in case it is needed. Website RLT24 uses Javascript to improve functionality, for example, it is used for quick search. However, if you have disabled this technology in your browser in this case website RLT24 can be used.

How we use collected information

      The information collected from website RLT24 visitors used for detailed counting and analysis of attendance statistics. After analyzing the actions of visitors we know which pages are of interest to them, how they are used and therefore can improve certain sections of website. Impersonal (anonymous) attendance statistics may be provided to third parties, such as potential advertisers for analysis of quantitative dynamics of website attendance. Using all the information received we also perform system administration, i.e. maintain its own systems in working condition, check them for errors and try to quickly fix occurred problems. Analyzing IP addresses we provide website security from illegal actions of malware.

Third party websites

      RLT24 information resource contains links to third party websites. We are not responsible for the privacy practices used by such websites. When you leave our website or otherwise cease its use we recommend you to read the privacy policies of each third party website.


      In case of you have any questions about our policy you may contact us by e-mail: RLT24.com@ya.ru.

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